Serenity Haven: A Stunning Villa Retreat in Madeira


Nov 15, 2023







Villa São Lourenço

Villa São Lourenço by LovelyStay stands out as one of the best options for a serene and peaceful getaway in Madeira. Located in Faja da Ovelha, around 2km from Paul do Mar Beach, this villa offers comfortable accommodation for a large family or even a couple.

The villa boasts a delightful garden with a breathtaking ocean view, perfect for enjoying morning coffee or the sunset. My time spent here was incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating.

Here are the reasons why I chose this villa:

1. Tranquil Neighbourhood: Surrounded by nature, it's blissfully quiet; you'll even hear the birds singing.

2. Ideal for Families or Friends: Two spacious bedrooms, each with private bathrooms, a large living room, and a fully equipped kitchen and dining area.

3. Private Pool.

4. Spacious Parking: Enough for two cars, ideal for larger families or groups.

5. Charming Garden: Stroll among the trees, and watch lemons, tangerines, and red peppers grow.

6. Laundry Room: Convenient for doing laundry without leaving the villa.

7. Bonus BBQ Lounge: Perfect for those who enjoy home-cooked meals.

Quick tip for cat lovers: Have some food for the kittens; they often visit the villa and are adorable.

Remember, the roads can be steep but offer picturesque views, so it's advisable to have a skilled driver. 

For more details about Villa São Lourenço and other accommodations, visit the LovelyStay website.

I hope this villa guide simplifies your stay in Madeira. If you plan to visit Madeira and Villa São Lourenço, I'd love to hear about your experiences! Feel free to tag me on Instagram at @backpackroaming when you share your moments. I'm excited to see your beautiful experiences!

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