Copenhagen Unwrapped: A 48-Hour Adventure in the Heart of Scandinavia


Jun 23, 2023







Copenhagen is incredibly beautiful. It's like a picture-perfect city. I think of it as the Eco Capital of Denmark because of its eco-friendly lifestyle and design. The buildings and the way people live here are just wonderful

Are you planning a trip to Copenhagen? Here's a helpful guide to assist you.

Before the sightseeing adventures, allow me to share some useful tips:

1. Carry an empty water bottle with you:
The tap water in Copenhagen is exceptionally clean and has a pleasant taste. It's perfectly safe to drink, and you can refill your bottles at your hotel. This simple step will not only keep you hydrated but also save you money.

2. Purchase a transportation ticket upon arrival:
You can find ticket machines and kiosks, or download the "DOT Billette" app, available on both Appstore and Google Play. For longer stays (24/48 hours or more), consider getting a City Pass for convenient travel.

3. Book your hotel or hostel in advance:
Planning ahead can help you secure better rates and save money on your accommodation.

4. Explore the city by bicycle:
If you enjoy cycling, download the "Donkey Republic" app to easily rent a bike and discover Copenhagen at your own pace.

5. Enjoy the safety of the city:
Copenhagen is one of the safest cities in the world. Relax and enjoy your stay, but it's always wise to plan your activities in advance for a seamless experience.

6. Pack a sleeping mask for summer visits:
During the summer months, Copenhagen experiences extended daylight hours, so a sleeping mask can be invaluable for ensuring a good night's rest.

7. Fly drones responsibly:
If you plan to fly a drone in Copenhagen, get permission from the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority. Remember, drones should not exceed 100 meters in altitude and always respect individuals' privacy while flying.

8. Early bird time:
When visiting Copenhagen in the summer, wake up early in the morning and explore the sights. This way, you can enjoy the quiet, empty streets and capture beautiful pictures.

9. Bonus fact and tip:
For your journey from the airport to the city center, consider taking the metro. Here's an interesting fact: the Copenhagen Metro is driverless, ensuring punctuality and convenience. It operates 24 hours a day, making your travels stressless.

Places to Visit in Copenhagen:

1. Nyhavn:
This vibrant area, once a hub for merchants, is now the heart of Copenhagen. With its colorful houses, it's a dynamic and popular street lined with charming cafes. During Christmas, you can experience the festive market, and in Midsummer, enjoy the celebrations with bonfires on the canal. Consider taking a canal tour to see the city from the water or have a boat picnic with friends or family.

2. Amalienborg:
This is the Queen's palace in Copenhagen. Denmark is a constitutional monarchy, and Queen Margrethe II is the head of state. You can witness the changing of the Royal Guards and explore the museum. Remember, the changing of the guard occurs at noon.

3. Stroget:
This is the main shopping area in Copenhagen, filled with bookstores and clothing boutiques. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere and consider picking up a pocketbook of Hans Christian Andersen's famous stories like "The Ugly Duckling" and "The Little Mermaid" as a memory from Copenhagen.

4. Rosenborg Castle and Gardens:
Once a royal residence, now it's a beautiful garden and museum open to visitors. Don't miss the opportunity to explore this historic site.

5. Sculpture of The Little Mermaid:
Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's renowned fairy tale, this sculpture portrays a mermaid who sacrifices everything for love.

6. Kastellet Windmill (Kastelsmøllen):
Located near the 17th-century Kastellet fortress, this historic windmill has been grinding grain since 1847, providing a glimpse into Copenhagen's agricultural and industrial past.

7. Tivoli Gardens:
An amusement park suitable for all ages. If you're staying in Copenhagen for more than two days, consider visiting this wonderful place. To save time, purchase tickets in advance to avoid long queues.

8. Kastrup Sea Baths:
Located a short ride from the airport, this spot offers excellent swimming opportunities with wind protection, making it ideal for a refreshing dip during the hot Baltic summer. From here, you can also enjoy views of the famous Øresund Bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden.

9. Kaktus Towers:
Explore these unique towers for an artistic and visually appealing experience.

10. Axel Towers:
Witness the vision of new Danish architecture at Axel Towers, a testament to Copenhagen's modern urban landscape.

I visited Copenhagen in June and had the wonderful chance to witness the Midsummer celebrations. It's a magical time when the sun barely sets, painting the sky in beautiful colors throughout the night.

Places to Eat:

1. Joe and the Juice:
This Danish chain of juice bars and coffee shops can be found worldwide. Try in their freshly made juices and wholesome sandwiches.

2. Cafe Coco:
My personal favorite was the crab with the avocado sandwich.

3. Ø12:
One of the best spots for breakfast. It's incredibly cozy, and the food is exceptionally delicious.

I hope my guide will make your trip to Copenhagen easier and stress-free. If you plan to visit, I would love to hear about your experiences! Feel free to tag me on Instagram at @backpackroaming when you share your Copenhagen adventures. I can't wait to see your amazing moments there!

With Love,

Alina @backpackroaming

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